Series One, Episode One, Scene Five

The Procedure — Tag



The doctor bared his teeth at Tag, in what he guessed was supposed to be a smile. The man wore a white lab coat over a suit that was far too smart to perform surgeries in.

He gestured to a chair. “Take a seat.”

Tag edged his way into the seat. Don’t turn your back. The thought sent prickles down the back of his neck- a sensation he didn’t expect to have until after the procedure.

The doctor, whose name, according to the digital badge on his lapel, was Dr Williams, looked at his tablet. “Taylor Tomachi, aged fifteen years, two hours and three minutes?”

He knows my age even down to the minutes? Tag hoped that the shock didn’t show on his face. “Yeah…”

“Good.” Dr Williams scribbled something down on his tablet.

Tag looked up at the clock. If this was any kind of normal birthday, I’d be having cake right about now.

The doctor scribbled a few more things, and then cleared his throat, “Here you are, Taylor. I need a signature here, and here.” He gestured to two blank spaces.

Tag took the tablet. Although it was the last thing he wanted to do, his hand moved almost automatically. Before he had a chance to realise it, he’d signed.

The doctor took the tablet back from him with another smile that was more sinister than he expected.

He handed Tag a gown. “If you could please get changed into this.” He gestured to another door off the room.

Tag took the gown and had almost pulled the door closed as he heard the doctor invite his mother inside.

He changed quickly, and when he emerged, Dr Williams and his mother were in the middle of an intense discussion that they stopped immediately when they realised that he was there.

“Okay, Taylor. If you could just hop up onto the bed, I’ll make the preparations.” Dr Williams got to his feet and gestured to a wheeled trolley in the corner of the room.

Tag looked at his mother, but his last, desperate hope faded with one look. He walked over and pushed himself up onto the bed.




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