Episode One, Scene Three: Inside The Corporation




Tag followed his mother as she walked through the doors of The Corporation headquarters. She stopped as the scanners began to whir.

A computerised voice said, “Mihana Tomachi. Female. 43 years old. Married to Gahort Tomachi. Mother to Taylor and Laura.”

Tag struggled to suppress a shudder. How doesn’t this worry her?”State the purpose for your visit today.” The voice said.

“I am here with my son, Taylor, and daughter Laura. Taylor is here for The Procedure.” She gestured for Tag, .

He stepped through the scanners, which whirred into life, and made his skin tingle as the waves of electricity passed over his body. It made the hair on his skin stand up. He guessed that he should be used to it by now, but he still didn’t feel comfortable, no matter how many times he was scanned. The machine bleeped, and he glanced at the screen, as the voice rung out clearly, telling all around him, exactly who he was. He forced the shudder that rose within him to stay down.

“Come on Taylor. We don’t want to be late.” His mother hurried him along one corridor after another, as they followed the instructions of another disembodied and overly polite voice.

They eventually reached the waiting area for people who were being chipped.

Tag’s mother walked up to the desk.

The android behind it looked up at her, “Name, please.”

“Taylor Tomachi. My son is here for The Procedure.”

The android gave Tag an appraising look, and then turned to the glass screen of the computer in front of it.

Tag watched as lights flickered on the screen They twisted and curled as they formed into writing. He tried to make out the words, but they were all back to front from where he was standing.

“Okay. Take a seat. The doctor will be with you shortly.”

Tag’s mother ushered him and Laura over to three empty seats “There we go. Isn’t this exciting, Taylor.” She looked at him expectantly.

He smiled. There seemed to be little other choice. It wasn’t as if he could complain or make any excuses. This was happening whether he liked it or not.




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